Property maintenance services

Choose us and the value of your properties will be retained. We take care of buildings and their conditions in such a way that both the owner of the property and the user can focus on their own activities. We carry out planned maintenance, which is proportioned correctly for each building. We serve you for the duration of the property’s technical life cycle while ensuring that your property is cared for in a professional manner.

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Property management

Good management ensures the professional maintenance of properties.

Servicing and care services

Servicing and care services that have been professionally implemented provide added value to your property.

Repair and maintenance services

Due to versatile expertise, the life cycle of the property is also taken in to account in repair and maintenance services.

Indoor air and other technical services

Our experts are skilled in indoor air and other technical services.

Property maintenance services

viivapiirros rakennuksesta.

Our maintenance services are implemented in already 1,000 buildings.
viivapiirros rakennusmiehestä.

Our maintenance includes 170 experts.

We can be contacted at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.