Responsibility is of utmost importance to us, especially as most of the facilities we implement and maintain are public buildings for the residents of Tampere. Whether it is a nursery or a school, a library or a hospital, an office or a sports hall, we want every user to be satisfied and spend time in the building.

We operate in accordance with the Procurement Act and we observe the regulations and good practices of our industry. In our operations, we wish to take in to account both our customer, our own employees and the environment. We work towards contributing in environmental responsibility, and we ensure occupational safety in all our work duties. To us, responsibility means taking caring of the customer in every situation. Responsibility is transparent cooperation and personal development. Responsible operations produce satisfied customers and employees, as well as long-term and multi-purpose facilities that retain their value.

For all of us.


Our goal is 0 accidents.
viivapiirros rakennusmiehestä.

All our 240 experts are taking care of the responsility in their work.

Responsibility is important to us every moment, every day of the year.