We offer smooth living for customers

Our skilled and reliable professionals ensure that working with us and spending time in our facilities is easy and smooth. Undisputed expertise about public buildings can be seen in the results of our everyday work. At Tilapalvelut, expertise is valued and developed. Our finalised operating methods ensure the smooth running of work.


We want to operate as pioneers in our field, so our employees’ expertise is maintained. The quality of development and the functionality of maintenance are a result of work that has been carried out with professional pride. The ability to reform and develop is an essential part of top-quality service production. Our experts work for the customer, because our starting point is always a satisfied building user.

Our operating method

We operate in a responsible, transparent and professional manner. Cooperation with the customer is important, so we can choose the best solutions in terms of the customer. When issues are carried out skilfully from start to finish, it is easy to be transparent. We continuously reform our know-how, so that buildings would function as well as possible now and in the future. We utilise new technology and operating methods appropriately. We want to take care of both the customer and our employees, as well as the environment of course.

Expertise and our operating method

viivapiirros rakennuksesta.

Residents of the city work in buildings we maintain.
viivapiirros rakennusmiehestä.

Construction project and maintenance service and administrative experts work for us.

We maintain 1,000 different buildings.